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FMWhatsApp APK Official for Android

Are you tired of the same old routine regarding your messaging experience? If so, FMWhatsApp APK might be just what you need. Its unique features surpass the standard WhatsApp application to give you complete control over your messaging world. From personalized themes and enhanced security to anti-ban features and media-sharing options, it offers a new level of flexibility. 

FMWhatsApp is your gateway to a more feature-rich and personalized WhatsApp journey. It allows you to break free from the ordinary and experience messaging in a new way. Try it and see how it can transform your WhatsApp experience today. Let’s get started to explore its more features.

FMWhatsApp APK

What is FMWhatsApp APK?

It is developed by Fouad Apps a popular third-party application that provides users with a modified version of WhatsApp, enhancing their messaging experience. This modified version offers many features beyond what the standard WhatsApp application provides. It is not affiliated with WhatsApp Inc. but has gained popularity due to its feature-rich nature.

Additional Information

App NameFMWhatsApp
DeveloperFouad Mods
Total Download10,500,000+

Privacy Features

It allows you to hide your online status, which means other users won’t see when you’re active on WhatsApp. This is especially useful for those who value their privacy and wish to use the app without being constantly monitored.

  • It provides the option to hide the blue ticks that indicate message read status, typing status, and recording status when sending voice messages, giving you more control over your interactions.
  • With it, you can selectively hide your last seen status from specific contacts, allowing flexibility in managing your online presence and who can see when you were last active.
  • This feature allows you to set privacy controls on who can view your profile picture, ensuring that only authorized contacts can access your photos.
FM WhatsApp APK

Other Features Of FMWhatsApp

Here are more features of this modded WhatsApp.

1. Themes and Customizations

  • It offers extensive theme options that go beyond WhatsApp’s default interface. You can change the app’s overall look by adjusting colors, fonts, and backgrounds and using custom icons, allowing you to personalize your chat experience to your preferences.
  • It enables you to apply different styles to your chat bubbles, allowing for a unique and aesthetically pleasing chat interface that suits your taste.

2. Hide Chats with Passwords

This feature allows you to add an extra layer of security by hiding specific chats behind passwords and keeping sensitive conversations private and secure.

3. Anti-Ban

It incorporates an anti-ban feature that helps you evade WhatsApp’s detection of modified app versions. By doing so, it reduces the risk of your account being banned or restricted due to non-compliance with WhatsApp’s terms of service.

4. DND Mode

The “Do Not Disturb” mode in FMWhatsApp APK lets you temporarily disable notifications and messages, helping you maintain a distraction-free environment or take a break from the app.

5. Status Downloading

It simplifies the process of downloading your contacts’ status updates, including both images and videos, without the need for third-party applications. This convenient feature allows you to save and share status updates hassle-free, without any watermark.

6. Group Settings

In addition to standard group functionality, it offers advanced group settings. You can hide the group name and set a custom background for group chats, enhancing your group management capabilities.

7. Dedicated Group Tab

A separate tab for your groups in FMWhatsApp provides a more convenient and organized way to manage and interact with your group chats.

8. Chat Backup

It lets you create backups of your chats and offers a unique option to store these backups on Google Drive or within your device’s memory. This added flexibility enhances the security of your chat data.

9. Message Scheduler

Its message scheduler is a convenient feature for users who want to send messages at specific times, even when they are not online. You can schedule essential messages to be delivered automatically at the designated time, ensuring timely communication.

9. Auto Reply

Its auto-reply feature allows you to set automatic responses for times when you are unavailable. This is especially helpful for businesses, enabling them to provide prompt replies to customer inquiries, even when they are not actively using the app.

FMWhatsApp APK offers a comprehensive suite of features that cater to user privacy, customization, security, and message management, providing an enriched WhatsApp experience. However, it’s important to use third-party WhatsApp mods with caution, as they may affect your WhatsApp account’s compliance with WhatsApp’s terms of service.

10. Media Sharing and Downloading

It simplifies the sharing and downloading of media, especially status updates. Without watermarks, you can conveniently download your contacts’ status updates, including images and videos. This media can also be shared with other contacts or used as their status.

11. Unique Messaging Tools

It offers unique messaging tools such as message scheduling, allowing you to send messages at specific times, even when not using the app. It also includes an auto-reply feature for automated responses when users are unavailable.


How do I download and install FMWhatsApp APK?

This modded version is not found in official app stores. To get it, you’ll have to download the APK file from a trustworthy source. After that, allow installations from unknown sources in your device settings. Finally, follow the provided installation instructions.

Can I use FMWhatsApp without getting banned?

It comes equipped with an anti-ban feature designed to lower the chances of facing sanctions from WhatsApp. However, it’s crucial to understand that this feature doesn’t provide a guarantee, and users must exercise caution by adhering to WhatsApp’s terms of service.

Are the messages and data in FMWhatsApp secure?

It provides added security features such as app locks and chat encryption. However, it’s essential to remember that no application is foolproof, and users should take precautions to protect their data.


This WhatsApp APK provides an enriched WhatsApp experience. Its advantages include improved security, anti-ban features, and convenient media sharing and downloading options. However, it’s crucial to exercise caution when using third-party WhatsApp mods like FMWhatsApp, as WhatsApp Inc. doesn’t officially endorse them, and there might be potential risks involved. 

You should remain mindful of WhatsApp’s terms of service and prioritize their privacy and security. If you’re eager for a unique and enhanced WhatsApp experience, exploring it could be worthwhile, but always keep your privacy and security in mind.

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