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Are you tired of your messaging app consuming too much memory and slowing down your device? It’s time to explore GB WhatsApp Lite APK from GB Apps, the solution to your messaging woes. With a lightweight design and a lot of features, GB WhatsApp Lite ensures that your messaging experience is smooth and efficient, even on less powerful devices. 

Are you ready to upgrade your messaging game and enjoy features like extensive customization options, efficient resource usage, and the ability to manage multiple WhatsApp accounts effortlessly? Now, get rid of the bloat and come to a streamlined, feature-packed messaging experience with GB WhatsApp Lite. Download it today and rediscover the joy of messaging.

GB WhatsApp Lite APK

What Is GB WhatsApp Lite APK?

GB WhatsApp Lite is a lightweight and feature-packed version of GB WhatsApp, created by Atnaf Hoaks for exceptional performance and a range of features. This version is designed with users in mind who have less powerful devices, ensuring a smooth and efficient messaging experience without burdening your device’s resources. GB Lite has rapidly gained popularity in the WhatsApp community, attracting users worldwide who appreciate its user-friendly features and smaller footprint.

Additional Information

App NameGB WhatsApp Lite
Latest Versionv12.18
File Size36.6mb
Developers TeamAtnaf Hoaks

Features of GB WhatsApp Lite APK

GB WhatsApp Lite apk offers a of features that enhance your messaging experience and set it apart from other WhatsApp mods. Here are some of the notable features that have contributed to its popularity:

1. Extensive Emoji and Emoticon Options

GB Lite provides an extensive range of customization options to elevate your chat and messaging experience. With various emoticons and emoji packs, you can add a personal touch to your conversations, making it an ideal choice for those exploring GB mod WhatsApp versions for the first time.

2. Optimized Resource Usage

Unlike regular WhatsApp or some modded versions that consume a substantial portion of your device’s RAM, GB Lite is a streamlined WhatsApp mod, occupying minimal space (only 36.6 MB). It also helps in preventing the accumulation of junk files and extraneous data, optimizing your device’s performance even when memory is limited.

3. Effortless Location Sharing

Sharing your location becomes a breeze with GB WhatsApp Lite APK. This feature simplifies the process, allowing you to share your whereabouts with a single tap, eliminating the need for additional location-sharing apps while on the move.

4. Multi-Account Support

GB WhatsApp Lite APK enables you to manage multiple WhatsApp accounts within a single application. For example, you can simultaneously add a business account and your personal messaging account, provided you have two different phone numbers. This convenient feature streamlines your messaging experience, making it easy to switch between accounts within the same WhatsApp application.

5. Blue Ticks Control

Blue ticks are a significant benefit of GB WhatsApp Lite APK. They empower you to control how others perceive your online availability. With this version, you can manage whether your messages have been read, simplifying the process of determining someone’s online status.

6. Enhanced Media Sharing

GB WhatsApp Lite APK raises the bar on media sharing. You can now send up to 90 images in a single go, as well as audio files of up to 100 MB and video files of up to 50 MB. This expanded capacity provides you with a competitive edge, especially when compared to standard WhatsApp users.

7. Message Scheduling

The message scheduling feature adds a new layer of convenience to your messaging experience. Whether you’re running a business and need to engage with clients or simply want to reach out to someone while you’re offline, this feature allows you to schedule messages for later delivery.

WhatsApp Lite 1MB – The Lightweight Champion

WhatsApp Lite, often referred to as WhatsApp Lite 1MB, stands out due to its compact app size and minimal consumption of mobile RAM. This characteristic translates into improved speed and overall performance, surpassing other MODs available online.

It’s important to exercise caution when downloading and using modded versions of messaging apps. While GB WhatsApp Lite APK offers a lot of features, it may not always adhere to official WhatsApp policies and could potentially pose security risks. Always ensure that you download apps from trusted sources and prioritize your digital security.

Features of GB WhatsApp Lite APK

How to Download and Use WhatsApp Lite?

Step 1: Download the GB WhatsApp Lite APK from a reputable source.

Step 2: Save the APK file to a specific location on your Android device for easy access and sharing.

Step 3: Locate the APK file and tap on it. You will be presented with two options: “Install” and “Cancel.” Choose “Install” and wait for the application to be installed on your device.

Step 4: Once the installation is complete, you will be prompted to verify your phone number. Enter your phone number and await the 6-digit code that WhatsApp will send to you.

Step 5: Verify your phone number using the code sent to you and start enjoying the features of GB WhatsApp Lite.


What is GB WhatsApp Lite APK?

GB WhatsApp Lite Mini is a lightweight and feature-packed version of GB WhatsApp, designed to provide a smooth and efficient messaging experience, particularly for users with less powerful devices.

How is GB WhatsApp Lite different from WhatsApp?

GB WhatsApp Lite offers various features not found in the official WhatsApp application, such as extensive customization options, efficient resource usage, and enhanced media-sharing capabilities.

Is GB WhatsApp Lite safe to use?

Yes, GB WhatsApp Lite is safe to use. While GB WhatsApp Lite APK offers an array of features, it’s crucial to exercise caution when using modded versions of messaging apps.

How does GB WhatsApp Lite handle blue ticks?

GB WhatsApp Lite gives you control over how others perceive your online availability by offering blue ticks. This feature lets you manage whether your messages have been read, making it easier to gauge someone’s online status.


GB WhatsApp Lite APK offers an impressive array of features designed to enhance your messaging experience, all while keeping resource usage to a minimum. It provides extensive customization options, efficient memory usage, and the convenience of managing multiple WhatsApp accounts within a single app. 

However, GB WhatsApp Lite is an excellent choice for users seeking a streamlined and feature-rich alternative to standard WhatsApp, especially on devices with limited resources.

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