GBWhatsApp Pro V17.60 Official for Android (Dec 2023) Anti Ban

GBWhatsApp Pro Update

GBWhatsApp Pro

Size: 70 MB

Developed by AlexMods

Last Update: Dec 2023

Version: Android 4.0.3+

We extend a warm welcome to everyone. Download the Anti-Ban latest update of GB WhatsApp pro version 17.60 Dec 2023 from WWW.GBWPRO.COM, a trusted source for everyone.


GBWhatsApp Pro Apk: What Is It?

GB WA Pro is a most in-demand messaging application with many attractive features and a great messaging experience, recently announced an upgrade with the latest updates to improve the user experience with better and simple communication to have an understanding with all genders either a Tech-Savvy or a Layman.

As WhatsApp is getting increasingly significance in our daily life with other applications like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Telegram, we enjoy sharing photos, videos, and chats with our friends and family circle, likewise, GB WA Pro is a modified and unlicensed version of official WhatsApp with some more attractive and most in-demand advanced features.

This Article with help you to completely understand all the new updates of GBWA Pro with a complete installation procedure step by step.

Why choose GB WhatsApp Pro?

GBWA Pro is a 100% safe and secure app and is one of the best copies of official WhatsApp or you can call it an advanced version of WhatsApp with some outstanding features and media capacity. On top it is free of cost and compatible with most of the devices (Android).


Comparison: GBWhatsApp Pro vs WhatsApp (Official) 

Beside the official WhatsApp features, GB WhatsApp Pro has lot more to explore and enjoy in compare to trendy WhatsApp application. Some are highlighted below:

Feature & FunctionalityWhatsApp (Official)GBWhatsApp Pro
Do Not Disturb (DND) ModeNOYES
Disabling CallsNOYES
Theme LibraryNOYES
Custom FontsNOYES
Auto Response/ReplyNOYES
File Size Limit100 MB1 GB
Message Forwarding Limit5 ConversationUnlimited
Status Words Limit139255
Hiding Online StatusNOYES
Stylish Tick IconsNOYES
Message SchedulerNOYES
In-Chat TranslatorNOYES
2 Days StatusNOYES
Always OnlineNOYES
Hide Last-Seen statusNOYES
Change Notification IconNOYES
Anti-Delete for everyoneNOYES
Hide Writing StatusNOYES
Multiple AccountsNOYES
Send Web Images DirectlyNOYES
Emoji VariantsNOYES
Hide Media From GalleryNOYES
Change video playerNOYES

Key Features of GBWA Pro: 

Based on the current GB WhatsApp Update we have a list of features as mentioned below:

WhatsApp Logs:

GBWA Pro will maintain the logs and will serve you with complete details of your contacts’ activity like someone from your contact with the last (04) four digits (XXXX) has changed their photo/username/personal details etc.

Auto Response/Reply:

Automation now has a key role in upcoming technologies like AI. Now you can design your customized message and with quick and simple steps you can set the auto-reply when you are offline or away from your device. Very useful for small to medium business owners who always want to interact with customer inquiries and respond to the queries instantly.

Do Not Disturb (DND) Mode:

If you are using some other application or busy with some other task where you don’t want to be disturbed. You can use the DND feature, which will take WhatsApp to offline mode and no more notifications will appear until you are all done.

Message Scheduler:

The scheduler is part of Automation, now you can schedule your message for your upcoming events (personal or business) and ENJOY. You don’t have to forget anything anymore.

WhatsApp Lock/Enable Password:

GBWA Pro keeps your privacy, you can apply a Password (PIN or Pattern or Fingerprint) to a specific Chat, Group Chat, or application level.

Group Level Admin Feature:

Smart feature for Group admins for monitoring active and idle status and number of messages posted in the group.

In-Chat Translator:

This feature is very unique and enables you to translate any language in the chat window, simply hover the cursor over the text and click on three dots to translate it to your desired language.

Backup and Restore:

It supports the backup from its own app and official WhatsApp and has a very strong backup system to store your data logs.

2 Days Status:

WhatsApp generally supports status for 24 hours, whereas this feature lets you see someone’s status online for the next 2 days or more than 24 Hours.

Always Online:

An attractive feature for those who worked in some support environment or someone who just started an e-commerce business where 24/7 customer support is needed, you can use this feature to keep your status Always online, you will be shown as online even if you are sleeping in your cozy couch.

Hide Last-Seen status:

You can simply click and hide or freeze your last-seen status, whereas you can still see others’ status.

Dark Mode/Light Mode:

With a simple click on the home screen, you can simply toggle between the light mode and Dark mode.

Save Status:

With GB WA Pro you can easily download the status of others with captions doesn’t matter if it’s a video or image.

Stylish Tick Icons:

Change the Blue tick, single or double with the available 30+ option in the library and make your chat more attractive and eye catchy.

Change Notification Icons:

Change your icons to anyone you want from the available library, to make people confuse you can use Facebook, Instagram, or Telegram icon and see how they behave. You can easily change the icons for notifications as well for application.

Eye Catchy Themes:

A wide variety of theme library is available, customize your theme as per your mood or the way you want to see and change your background, color scheme, and font.

React to Messages:

Rather than reply to each message, now you can select and hold a message and reply with any emoji as per your mood or message intent.

Anti-Delete for everyone:

Like the feature in official WhatsApp “Remove from everyone” remove the file from the main chat window after it is posted. If you use this feature, the file won’t be deleted from your side.

Hide Online Status:

With this feature, you can hide your online status from others, while you can see who is online. Generally, it is used when someone irritates you or tries to send you appropriate messages while you are busy or sleeping.

Hide Writing Status:

By using this feature you can hide your writing status from others.

Multiple Accounts:

You can have multiple accounts, one for the official WhatsApp and another one for GBWA Pro

What’s New in the Updated Version v17.60?: 

( Nov, 2023) V17.57)

  • Software Update
  • File Size: 70MB
  • Message scheduler crash issue Resolved
  • Some cleaned up and improvements with the misc. settings

( July 20, 2023) V17.51

  • Software Update
  • Send my location issue is fixed
  • Button issue on map location is fixed
  • Crash issue while clicking in community resolved
  • Message scheduler crash issue Resolved

( Aug, 2023) V17.52

  • Software Update
  • File Size: 70MB
  • Message scheduler crash issue Resolved
  • Some cleaned up and improvements with the misc. settings

( June 17, 2023) V17.45

  • Software Update
  • Media Backup, restore options added
  • Sending Documents, Audio upto 100MB+ added
  • Edit Message, Pinned messages in Chats are enabled
  • Group member’s Picture in group Chat is enabled (official by WA)
  • Enable the conversations locked feature
  • Transfer chats between phones without GDrive is enabled (Settings>Chats)
  • More Anti-Ban script Protection is added to improve the user security
  • Anti-Ban script is added for People who are getting continuously  one hour Ban
  • Crash issue when clicking on the community is fixed
  • View all users’ messages moved to Group Info Page
  • Some new theme Styles are updated to work with the new application base
  • Cleaned up some settings that will improve the user experience
  • Other Fixes and Improvements

Older Version V17.40

  • Software Update:
  • Anti-Ban Protection script is introduced to reduce the Ban issue
  • Many Other settings Fixes and Improvements to improve the overall experience

Types of Mod APKs for WhatsApp: 

Following are some of the famous alternate apks for WhatsApp. You can find all of them at

  • GBWhatsApp
  • FMWhatsApp
  • YOWhatsApp
  • WhatsApp Plus
  • WhatsApp Aero
  • OGWhatsApp Pro
  • NSWhatsApp 3D
  • WhatsApp JiMods
  • WhatsGold
  • WhatsFapp
  • WhatsAppMA
  • WhatsApp Prime
  • AZWhatsApp
  • Soula WhatsApp

How to Download GBWA APK? 

As this is a Mod APK file, it’s not available on Android and iOS systems, you have to download the apk file from the website (

  • Download the APK file on your mobile phone
  • Once you download, go to the settings
  • In the setting tab go to the security tab and enable the unknown sources installation
  • Click on the downloaded file and start the installation process and complete the installation.
  • Start your GB WhatsApp and start using your new Application.

Gb WhatsApp Pro download and installation for Android

The actions to do in order to finish your installation are listed below:

  • Go to device setting and enable installation from unknown sources, which will let you install the GBWhatsApp APK on your device, else it won’t allow you to download the file from unknown sources.
  • Save the file to your Android device’s downloaded files folder.
  • Select the downloaded file and tap to start the installation on your device
  • Follow the screen instruction as prompted
  • After the installation is completed, open the WhatsApp GB application and follow the instruction to set up your account.

Installation Instructions for iOS (iPhone and iPad): 

GBWA Pro still doesn’t have an iOS version.

Installation guide for Windows PC: 

Currently, the GBWhatsApp PC version is not available, if you still want to use it over the PC then you need to use Android Emulator. Download the emulator, then download the GBWhatsApp and install the APK. After all is done use it on your PC.

InfoGraphics Instructions for GBWhatsApp Installation: 

GBWhatsApp Pro Download Infographics

What if you are facing issues in Installing GBWhatsApp? 

There is a list of reasons that can cause issues in Installations, the most common ones are as listed below:

  • Corrupted APK file
  • Device Storage issue
  • Internet connectivity issue
  • Any device internal issues like battery, OS, etc.

Q & A

Simply backup your chat to the Gmail server, once you install APK, import the chat backup from Gmail.

You won’t have any problems when using GBWhatsApp Pro since it is secure and safe.

Currently, the iOS version is not available.

This issue was faced in older versions, but with latest update, it is resolved.

Without phone number verification, it is not possible to install the APK but you can bypass the Google Play protection protocol

Yes you can keep both Applications and use two different WhatsApp accounts

No, it is not, GB WhatsApp pro is developed by a AlexMods

Go to the settings, tap on themes, and select the theme from the library or as per your interests.

No, it is not possible to use the same number for WhatsApp official and GBWhatsApp Pro.

The only answer is FEATURES, and hundreds of attractive themes, which has improved the interactive messaging experience

Wrapping Up:

With the changing time and technology, the interaction and experience with messaging application is getting improved day by day, to keep you paced and up to date GBWhatsApp is a complete and most interactive package to enrich your current communication experience in comparison to other competitive applications. So, download now and enjoy the free and unlimited feature with anti-ban script in a recent update.