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GBWhatsApp Pro vs WhatsAppMA

Choosing between GBWhatsApp Pro VS WhatsAppMA depends on your specific preferences and priorities. It’s essential to consider the features, customization options, and privacy controls each provides and make an informed decision based on your needs and concerns. Additionally, it’s crucial to use such modifications responsibly and be aware of the potential consequences. 

We will explore the features of both modified versions (GBWhatsApp Pro vs WhatsAppMA) of WhatsApp. Let’s get started!

GBWhatsApp Pro VS WhatsAppMA

Let’ dive and explore the difference between GBWhatsApp Pro vs WhatsAppMA.

GBWhatsApp Pro

GBWhatsApp Pro is an unofficial and modified version of the WhatsApp messaging application.  It offers a wide range of additional features and customization options not available in the official WhatsApp. This alternative version introduces features such as auto-reply messages for offline status and the ability to disable the typing indicator to enhance privacy.

Furthermore, it supports various themes, allowing you to personalize the visual design of their WhatsApp interface. It offers extensive options for customizing the chat screen to tailor the messaging experience to individual preferences. 

Features Of GBWhatsApp Pro

Here are its mind-blowing features.

1. React to Messages (New)

This innovative feature allows you to express your reactions to messages by tapping and holding on to a message, revealing a set of emojis for responses, similar to the Facebook reaction system. This adds a more engaging and expressive dimension to your conversations, enabling you to convey your emotions with precision.

2. Anti-Delete For Everyone

In the official WhatsApp, when someone deletes a message they sent, it’s also deleted from your chat. It introduces the Anti-Revoke feature, ensuring deleted messages remain visible in your chat, giving you a complete message history. This feature offers enhanced message retention and transparency in your chats.

3. Hide Last Seen

It allows you to hide your “last seen” status, granting you privacy while still being able to view others’ last seen statuses. This feature is ideal for those who want to maintain their online activity discreetly, allowing you to interact on your terms while staying informed about others.

4. Auto-reply of Messages

With this feature, you can set up an automated response message for when you’re offline. It’s a valuable tool for informing your contacts that you’re unavailable or providing essential information even when you can’t respond in real time. This functionality ensures you stay connected and informed even when you’re not actively engaged in conversations.

5. Hide Writing Status

It lets you disable the typing indicator, preventing others from knowing when you’re composing a message. This feature grants you more control over your messaging activity, allowing you to craft and edit your messages without others being aware of your active presence.

6. Unlimited Stickers

It provides access to a vast collection of stickers, allowing you to add a fun and expressive element to your messages. Additionally, you can quickly expand your sticker collection from the Google Play Store, ensuring you never run out of creative options to enhance your messaging.

7. Hide Recording Status

This feature lets you disable the recording status indicator when sending voice messages. It keeps your activities more discreet and private, preventing others from being aware of when you’re recording audio messages allowing for more confidential and natural voice communication.

8. Hide Online Status

It allows you to go incognito by disabling your online status. No one will know whether you’re currently active, enhancing your privacy and allowing you to engage with your contacts discreetly.

9. Audio Share up to 100MB

Unlike the original WhatsApp, it lets you send audio files of up to 100 MB, removing the previous limitations on audio file size. This means you can share longer and higher-quality audio content with your contacts without restrictions.

10. Video Share Up to 1GB

It enables you to send high-quality videos, including large movies, with a generous size limit of up to 1024 MB. This feature offers the flexibility to share extended video content without worrying about file size limitations. It’s especially advantageous for sharing high-resolution videos, documentaries, or personal video projects. 

11. Image Share Up to 100

It raises the image and video file limit to an impressive 100 items, allowing users to share more media files with multiple contacts simultaneously. This feature is ideal for sharing extensive photo albums, event memories, or numerous images simultaneously, streamlining your media-sharing experience.

12. Message Scheduler

You can schedule messages to be sent at specific times, ensuring that critical information or greetings are delivered precisely when needed. Whether you want to send birthday wishes at midnight or important reminders at a specific hour, this feature adds convenience to your messaging by allowing you to plan and automate message delivery.

13. Stylish Tick

Customize the appearance of the message delivery and read receipt ticks with over 30 stylish symbols. This feature lets you add a personal touch to your messages, making them visually distinctive and enhancing the overall messaging experience.

14. Save Status

You can directly download and copy captions from others’ status updates, whether images or videos, eliminating the need for extra apps. This convenient feature simplifies the process of saving and sharing status updates, ensuring that you can preserve and revisit memorable moments shared by your contacts effortlessly.

15. Change the Icon and Notification Icon

It lets you to customize the app’s and notification icons, allowing for a more personalized user experience. This feature allows you to give your WhatsApp a unique visual identity, aligning it with your preferences and style.

15. Themes

It supports themes, enabling you to change the entire visual design and layout of the default WhatsApp interface. This feature not only allows for aesthetic customization but also provides a fresh and visually appealing look for your messaging app, enhancing the overall user experience.

16. Group Features

It introduces special features for group administrators, such as monitoring active members and message statistics. This enhances control and insights for group management, allowing administrators to make informed decisions and maintain a well-organized group environment.

17. DND Mode

You can activate the “Do Not Disturb” mode to disconnect your WhatsApp from the internet, preventing distractions during sleep or other activities. This feature ensures uninterrupted rest and focus by temporarily silencing WhatsApp notifications and incoming messages.

GBWhatsApp Pro and WhatsAppMA


Considering GBWhatsApp Pro vs WhatsAppMA, WhatsAppMA is an unofficial modification of the official WhatsApp messaging application, offering a variety of additional features and customization options. This alternative version of WhatsApp focuses on user interface enhancements and improved privacy, making it an appealing option for those seeking a more personalized and secure messaging experience.

Features Of WhatsAppMA

Features of WhatsAppMA 

Here are its mindblowing features.

1. UI/Chat Customization

It stands out by allowing users to fully customize the chat box designs and the overall user interface. You can change themes, app logos, backgrounds, and foreground elements to create a unique and personalized WhatsApp experience.

2. Emoji/Sticker Packs

Expressing emotions is easy with its extensive library of over 1000 custom emojis and sticker packs, adding many expressions to your conversations.

3. Privacy Controls

It prioritizes privacy by providing users comprehensive control over their online presence. Users can hide message-read receipts (blue ticks), manage incoming calls, and maintain the privacy of their group interactions.

4. DND Mode

The “Do Not Disturb” mode silences incoming calls, messages, and media alerts, allowing users to focus on other tasks without interruptions while staying connected.

5. Dark Mode

Its Dark Mode not only enhances aesthetics but also reduces screen brightness and employs a soothing bluish-black user interface for a comfortable and eye-friendly experience during late-night conversations and extended usage.

6. Message Scheduler

This innovative feature allows users to schedule messages at specific times, ensuring continuous communication even when they can’t send messages manually.

7. 100+ Themes

It offers various themes, providing users a diverse selection to match their style and preferences, making the WhatsApp experience uniquely theirs.

8. No Root/Antiban

You can enjoy WhatsAppMA without root access, and it includes an anti-ban version to ensure account security and avoid restrictions.

9. Media Sharing Limit

It eliminates the frustration of sharing media in small quantities. It allows you to share various media types, including photos, audio, videos, and documents, with the convenience of background uploads and downloads.

10. Status Saver

It simplifies the process of saving the statuses of your contacts, allowing for easy status downloads.

11. Multiple Languages

Supporting over 150 native and non-native languages, it offers a global messaging experience, making communication with friends worldwide seamless and enjoyable.

12. Freeze Last Seen

Privacy-conscious users can benefit from the “Freeze Last Seen” feature, allowing them to maintain a discreet online presence by hiding their “last seen” status.

13. Hide Blue Ticks

You have complete control over message read receipts with the “Hide Blue Ticks” feature, ensuring the privacy of their interactions by concealing the blue check marks that indicate message read status.


How does GBWhatsApp Pro differ from WhatsAppMA (GBWhatsApp Pro vs WhatsAppMA)?

Both of these are unofficial modifications of the official WhatsApp application. They offer additional features and customization options not present in the original WhatsApp.

Are these modified WhatsApp versions safe to use?

Modified WhatsApp versions are not official releases. But these modified versions are safe to use.

Do the modded versions work with the official WhatsApp?

GBWhatsApp Pro and WhatsAppMA are separate from the official WhatsApp, and they do not work in conjunction with it. You’ll need to migrate your chats and contacts to one of these modified versions if you choose to use them.


GBWhatsApp Pro vs WhatsAppMA, both are two unofficial modifications of the official WhatsApp application, each offering a variety of additional features and customization options. While both modifications aim to enhance the user experience, they have distinct feature sets and characteristics.

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