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How to Open, Install, and Download APK Files?

Making life easy and hassle-free while keeping your mind at ease and zero fear factor of getting banned. In this article, we will be covering all aspects of the APK file, like Where to download, how to install, open, and register your accounts.

What is an APK File?

An APK is an Android Package Kit file, usually designed for the Android platform devices to distribute and install applications. APK file on the Google Play store or on any trusted website is a complete software package, that contains all necessary information and resources like:

  • App Code
  • Asset
  • Manifest file
  • Essential Components
  • Etc.

What are the benefits of using an APK file?

It offers several benefits and use cases:


OFFLINE INSTALLATION: This means you can do installation without the presence of the internet

MANUAL UPDATE: Sometimes you are comfortable with the old version and don’t want to update your app to the latest version, this manual update allows you to do so.

Version Control

APP VERSION CONTROL: This feature allows you to keep your app version handy if you find some issues with the latest updates.

DISTRIBUTED TESTING: App developers generally perform beta testing before launching any release by getting feedback on their beta version from specific customers or a group of testers.

Distributed Testing
blocked location

LOCATION RESTRICTION: Many apps are Geo-restricted, whereas apk allows you to unlock those locations

Installing Unknown Source Apps on Android:

The installation process is the same as you do with other apps from the Google Play store, just you need to confirm that you have enabled the unknown sources installation on your Android device as the APK file is from a third-party platform. Simply go to “SETTINGS” and under the security tab it says Install unknown apps.

Version Android 8 and above:

Explore Settings, This GUI can differ based on the Device model and naming conventions but the overall scenario will remain the same.


  • Explore “Settings”
  • Hover over the “Biometrics and Security” tab and click
  • Under the “Biometrics and Security” tab, go to “Install Unknown Apps”
  • First Select a Browser application like “Google Chrome” from the apps
  • Enable the toggling button in order to allow Google Chrome as the downloading browser.
  • Then Select the downloaded APK file on your device under “Install Unknown Apps”
  • Enable the toggling button to allow installation on your device


how to open install apk

Where to Find APK Download Links for Android?

Compared to before, we are now more concerned about protecting our privacy and security. Before downloading any Apk on your device, you should check the website’s credibility at least by seeing the SSL certificate on the header address. Second is the design which can make you realize the website’s appearance is professional or not. There are many big names and trusted URLs including where you can freely visit and download the APK files for your desired APK like GB WhatsApp Pro.

Ensuring the Security and safety of your device:

Going with all the above steps, the most critical and sensitive area is your security and safety. Most of the time, individuals ignore this aspect and neglect to consider the risk involved. Your first concern when downloading an Apk file from an unknown source should be device security. These unfamiliar downloads can lead you to multiple risks and malware functions that can breach your device’s security. Stick to the trusted and reputed URLs, enable all security measures in settings, and keep up to date your device to keep your device safe from security threats.

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