GB WhatsApp Pro VS WhatsApp Plus

GB WhatsApp Pro VS WhatsApp Plus

Do you want to enhance the messaging experience beyond what the standard WhatsApp offers? If so, you might be interested in learning more about the distinctions between WhatsApp Plus and GBWA Pro. Users looking for more features and customization possibilities frequently utilize these two modified versions of WhatsApp.

GBWhatsApp Pro and WhatsApp Plus allow you to take your messaging to the next level with features like customizable themes, unique stickers, advanced privacy settings, and the ability to send larger files. However, it’s essential to be cautious because these unofficial apps come with potential security risks, as WhatsApp does not officially endorse them. 

To make the right choice between the two, consider your priorities and preferences for an enriched messaging experience.

GB WhatsApp Pro VS WhatsApp Plus

GB WhatsApp Pro VS WhatsApp Plus Differences

1. User Interface Variations

Although WA Plus and GBWA Pro share a similar user interface, there are subtle design differences that help distinguish them. These differences may include variations in navigation options and button designs, although they primarily serve aesthetic purposes.

2. Chat Customization Distinctions

Over time, the differences in chat customization options between WA Plus and GBWA Pro have become increasingly marginal, making them nearly identical in this aspect. One of the few distinctions is WhatsApp Plus’s feature that allows you to display a custom “Forwarded” label for messages.

3. Customization Themes

Both MODs offer a range of customization themes, but they may have different theme options available. Users can select themes that match their preferences, allowing for a unique visual experience.

GB WhatsApp Pro VS WhatsApp Plus 

GBWhatsApp Pro VS WhatsApp Plus Similarities

1. Interface Customization Options

Both APks offer extensive options for customizing the user interface. Users can choose from a wide variety of themes, change colors, and personalize the overall appearance of the app. You may design a WhatsApp experience that matches your preferences thanks to this versatility.

2. Advanced Privacy Feature

Advanced privacy features are offered by both MODs, which go beyond those of the regular WhatsApp application. You can hide your online status, last seen status, and typing status from contacts. Additionally, you can disable features like double-blue checkmarks and hide audio recording notifications, giving you more control over your privacy.

3. Chat Customization

Enable users to customize individual chats to a significant extent. This includes the ability to change chat colors, apply visual effects to chat wallpapers and alter the font styles, allowing for a unique and tailored chat experience.

4. Enhanced Control Over App Settings

Compared to the official WhatsApp app, both MODs offer more control over application settings. Users can fine-tune settings related to image quality, navigation bar visibility, and other aspects of the app’s functionality to suit their preferences better.

5. Dual Account Support

Allow users to run two WhatsApp user accounts on the same device. These MODs are recognized as separate apps from the official WhatsApp, making it convenient for users with multiple WhatsApp accounts.

6. Advantages of WhatsApp Plus Over GBWhatsApp

In the past, WhatsApp Plus had some advantages over GBWhatsApp Pro. These included a more extensive range of customizable interface elements, additional privacy options, and enhanced photo editing capabilities. However, in recent times, the differences between the two have become less pronounced. 

Therefore, the choice between these APKs should be based on individual preferences, considering minor interface and navigation details that align with your specific WhatsApp usage habits.

GB WhatsApp Pro VS WhatsApp Plus Similarities


Are WhatsApp Plus and GBWhatsApp safe to use?

Both offer extra features and customization choices, but WhatsApp does not officially support either of them. This implies that utilizing them could be against WhatsApp’s rules of service, but it does not harm your device.

What are the risks of using MODs?

No, there are no risks associated with using MODs. Downloading and using third-party apps that are not subject to any risks that harm your device.


The official WhatsApp software has been altered by third parties to include features and better customization choices. Examples of these modifications are WhatsApp Plus and GBWhatsApp Pro. The choice between these APKs largely depends on individual preferences, as they share many similarities. 

Consider factors like interface design, available themes, and any minor feature differences when making your decision. Additionally, stay informed about the latest updates and changes in the MODs’ development to ensure you’re using a version that suits your needs.

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