GB WhatsApp Pro VS OG WhatsAp Pro

GB WhatsApp Pro VS OG WhatsApp Pro

How could you enhance your WhatsApp experience beyond the confines of the official app? Enter GB WhatsApp Pro VS OG WhatsApp Pro, two unofficial modifications that take your messaging game to the next level. In feature-rich alternatives, GB WhatsApp Pro stands out with its expressive reactions, anti-delete for everyone, and stealth mode, offering unparalleled control and privacy. 

It goes further with advanced privacy controls, extensive customization options, and the freedom to share large media files without compromising quality. So, whether it’s the dynamic features of GB WhatsApp Pro or the dual account functionality of OG WhatsApp pro, the choice is yours for an engaging and enriched messaging experience. Let’s explore their features.

GB WhatsApp Pro VS OG WhatsAp Pro

Comparing Both APKs (GB WhatsApp Pro VS OG WhatsApp Pro), Let’s explore one by one.

GB WhatsApp Pro

Comparing GB WhatsApp Pro VS OG WhatsApp Pro, Let’s start with GBWhatsApp pro, It is an unofficial and modified iteration of the popular WhatsApp messaging application, offering users many additional features and customization options not present in the official WhatsApp. This alternative version not only introduces innovative functionalities but also gives users unprecedented control over their messaging environment.

Key Features 

Here are its key features. 

1. Expressive Conversations with React to Messages (New)

Tap into a new dimension of engagement by expressing reactions to messages. Hold onto a letter to reveal a set of emojis for responses, similar to the Facebook reaction system, adding a more engaging and expressive dimension to your conversations.

2. Retain Message History with Anti-Delete For Everyone

Unlike the official WhatsApp,it  incorporates an Anti-Revoke feature. When someone deletes a message they sent, it remains visible in your chat, ensuring a complete message history and offering enhanced message retention and transparency in your conversations.

3. Stealth Mode with Hide Last Seen

Prioritize privacy by concealing your “last seen” status. Maintain online activity discreetly while still having the ability to view the last-seen grades of others, striking a balance between connectivity and privacy.

4. Stay Connected Offline with Auto-reply of Messages

The auto-reply feature is a valuable tool for staying connected even when offline. Set up automated response messages to inform contacts that you are unavailable or provide essential information, ensuring seamless communication during inactivity.

5. Unleash Creativity with Unlimited Stickers

It provides access to a vast collection of stickers, adding a fun and expressive element to messages. Expand your sticker collection from the Google Play Store, ensuring a constant supply of creative options to enhance your messaging.

6. Private Voice Communication 

Maintain discretion and privacy by turning off the recording status indicator when sending voice messages. Ensure that your activities, especially when recording audio messages, remain confidential, allowing for more natural and private voice communication.

7. Go Incognito with Hide Online Status

Turn off your online status and go incognito. No one will know your current activity, enhancing privacy and allowing you to engage with contacts discreetly on your terms.

8. Elevate Audio Sharing with up to 100MB

It breaks limitations on audio file size imposed by the original WhatsApp. Share longer and higher-quality audio content, fostering richer communication without restrictions.

9. Immersive Video Sharing up to 1GB

The enhanced video-sharing feature allows you to send high-quality videos, including large movies, with an impressive size limit of up to 1024 MB. Share extended video content without worrying about file size limitations.

10. Media Sharing with Image Share Up to 100

It raises the image and video file limit to an impressive 100 items. Share extensive photo albums, event memories, or numerous images simultaneously, streamlining and enriching the media-sharing experience.

11. Convenient Planning 

Schedule messages to be sent at specific times, adding convenience to messaging by allowing you to plan and automate message delivery. Send birthday wishes at midnight or important reminders at a particular hour.

12. Personalized Touch with Stylish Tick

Customize the appearance of message delivery and read receipt ticks with over 30 stylish symbols, adding a personal touch to your messages and enhancing the overall messaging experience.

13. Effortless Status Saving with Save Status

It simplifies the process of saving and sharing status updates. Download and copy captions from others’ status updates, whether images or videos, preserving and revisiting memorable moments your contacts share effortlessly.

OG WhatsApp Pro

OG WhatsApp pro in comparision with GBWhatsApp Pro (GB WhatsApp Pro VS OG WhatsApp Pro), OGWhatsApp Pro represents a meticulously crafted modification of the widely-used WhatsApp messaging platform. Its primary objective is to enrich users’ messaging experiences by offering an extensive array of features and customization options that go beyond the offerings of the official WhatsApp application.

Unlike the official app, it enables users to share larger media files without compression, making it an attractive choice for those who prioritize high-quality photo and video sharing. Users seeking a messaging platform beyond the conventions of the official WhatsApp app may find it to be a comprehensive and enriched alternative, offering a unique blend of features and functionalities. 

Key Features

Here are its key features. 

1. Dual WhatsApp Accounts

It sets itself apart by seamlessly running two WhatsApp accounts on a single device. This feature benefits users with multiple phone numbers, providing a convenient solution for managing distinct accounts efficiently.

2. Privacy Reinvented

It prioritizes user privacy by introducing advanced features that surpass the capabilities of the official app. Users can discreetly manage their online status, blue ticks, and typing indicators, providing elevated control over their visibility and engagement on the platform.

3. Customization Experience

It Elevates user interaction and offers a diverse range of customization options. Users can personalize their messaging environment with various themes, fonts, and chat backgrounds, giving each conversation a unique and tailored touch. This customization feature enhances aesthetics and empowers users to create a chat interface that resonates with their style.

4. Sharing of Large Media Files

OGWhatsApp removes barriers by allowing users to send larger media files without compression, overcoming a standard limitation in the official app. This feature is advantageous for sharing high-quality photos, videos, and other media content without compromising resolution or quality.


Do WhatsApp modded versions work on iOS devices?

No, these modified versions are typically designed for Android devices. iOS users should explore alternatives that are compatible with the Apple ecosystem.

Are there regular updates for GBWhatsApp and OGWhatsApp?

Updates for these unofficial versions may not be as consistent or reliable as those for the official WhatsApp app. Users should be cautious about potential security vulnerabilities with outdated versions.

Are there any legal implications of using these WhatsApp?

The use of modified versions of WhatsApp may have legal implications, as WhatsApp does not endorse them. Users should be aware of their region’s potential risks and legal consequences.


GB WhatsApp Pro stands out during GB WhatsApp Pro VS OG WhatsApp Pro, with its expressive reactions, anti-delete feature, stealth mode, and creative features like unlimited stickers and personalized ticks. It provides a feature-rich environment with a focus on individual expression and control.

On the other hand, OG WhatsApp pro excels in the dual WhatsApp account functionality, advanced privacy controls, and extensive customization options. It is suitable for users managing multiple phone numbers or prioritizing a highly personalized messaging experience.

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