WhatsApp Gold VS GBWhatsApp Pro

WhatsApp Gold VS GBWhatsApp Pro

Are you looking to elevate your WhatsApp experience beyond the standard app? If so, you may have come across options like GBWhatsApp Pro and WhatsApp Gold, both of which offer an enticing array of features to enhance your messaging platform. GBWA Pro, known for its flexibility and enhanced customization, allows you to tailor your WhatsApp to your preferences. 

On the other hand, WA Gold presents a wide range of features, from customizable themes to the ability to send large files, promising an enriched messaging experience. Choosing between the two comes down to your specific needs, whether you prioritize extensive customization or a comprehensive set of features. 

Ultimately, the decision between GBWhatsApp Pro and WhatsApp Gold hinges on what you value most in your WhatsApp usage: the freedom to personalize your interface or a diverse range of added functionalities.

WhatsApp Gold VS GBWhatsApp Pro

About WhatsApp Gold

This is not an official or authorized version of WhatsApp; instead, it is a modified or third-party version of the popular messaging application. This modified version claims to offer various unique features and enhancements beyond what the official WhatsApp provides.

Some of these features may include customized themes, the ability to send large files, additional privacy options, different language support, and changes to the app’s appearance, including icons and fonts.

WhatsApp Gold

WhatsApp Gold Features

Here are the features.

1. Customized Themes

Takes personalization to the next level with an extensive collection of customized themes. These themes empower you to transform the entire look and feel of your messaging app. Whether you prefer a sleek, minimalist design or a vibrant, eye-catching theme, APK offers options to help your messaging platform reflect your unique style and stand out from the standard WhatsApp.

2. Send Stickers

In the world of communication, emojis, and text are traditional choices. WA Gold, however, introduces the option to express yourself in a more creative and visually engaging way through stickers. Stickers come in a plethora of designs, allowing you to convey emotions, reactions, and messages with a touch of creativity and fun.

3. In-built Lock

Security and privacy are paramount, and acknowledges this by offering an in-built lock feature. 

4. Backup and Restore

Provides a safeguard for your valuable conversations and multimedia. You can effortlessly create backups of your chat history, messages, and data. This feature proves especially handy when switching devices, upgrading your phone, or in case you ever need to recover past conversations, ensuring your cherished memories are never lost.

5. Emoji Collection

Expressiveness is at the core of effective communication, and WA Gold broadens your range with an extensive collection of expressive emojis. This array of emotions and reactions allows you to infuse your messages with humour, warmth, or any sentiment that fits the context, making your conversations richer and more engaging.

6. Hide Last Seen

Sometimes, privacy is a priority. It allows you to discreetly manage your online presence by enabling you to hide your “last seen” status. With this feature, you can keep your activities private, and you have the freedom to engage with your contacts without feeling pressured to respond immediately.

7. Send Large Videos

Liberates you from the constraints of video size limitations. Now, you can share high-quality, long videos without the hassle of splitting them into smaller parts. This feature is a convenient solution for sharing your memorable moments with friends and family.

8. Send Large Audio Files

Similar to the video feature, APK also removes the restrictions on audio file sizes. This makes sharing longer voice messages, audio recordings, or even music clips with your contacts a seamless experience.

9. Freeze Last Seen

Introduces the unique ability to freeze your “last seen” status. It means that your last seen status remains constant, showing the time when you activated this option and ensuring your online presence is consistent with others.

10. Show Blue Ticks When You Reply

Responding to messages at your own pace is now more comfortable with WA Gold. This feature allows you to read messages without displaying those elusive blue ticks, signifying that you’ve read the message. You can take your time to craft a thoughtful response without others knowing you’ve seen their message.

11. Anti-Delete Messages

Communication can be a dynamic exchange, and sometimes, messages are deleted, you have the upper hand. You can view and respond to messages that your contacts have deleted, allowing you to continue conversations without interruptions.

12. Different Language Support

Inclusive and accessible to users from around the world by offering support for multiple languages. This enables you to communicate in a language that you are most comfortable with, enhancing your international reach.

13. Change Font Style

Every message is a canvas, you can paint it in your chosen style. Select from various font styles to give your messages a fresh, unique appearance, making your texts feel more personalized.

14. Send Full Resolution Images

Lets you share images without compromising their quality. High-resolution images retain their clarity and detail, allowing you to share stunning photos with your contacts.

15. Block Unwanted Calls

Unwanted calls can be a nuisance, and WA Gold empowers you to take control. You can block calls from unwanted or bothersome contacts, ensuring peace and undisturbed conversations with those who matter.

16. Change Icons

Customization extends to your app’s aesthetics. Offers the exciting feature of changing the app’s icon. If you find the standard WhatsApp icon uninspiring, you can choose from alternative options to refresh your app’s appearance and make it uniquely yours.

About GBWhatsApp Pro

GBWhatsApp Pro is another unofficial and modified version of the WhatsApp messaging application. It offers a range of additional features and customization options not found in the official WhatsApp. GBWA Pro also allows you to set auto-reply messages for when you’re offline and disable the typing indicator to maintain privacy. 

The app supports themes, letting you change the visual design of WhatsApp, and it provides extensive options for customizing the chat screen. Additionally, it enables users to send larger media files, such as audio files up to 100MB and videos up to 1GB. It allows you to schedule messages for sending at specific times.

GBWhatsApp Pro

GBWhatsApp Pro Features

Here are the features:

1. React to Messages (New)

This feature allows you to express your reaction to messages by tapping and holding on to a message, revealing a set of emojis for responses, similar to the Facebook reaction system. It adds a more engaging and expressive dimension to your conversations.

2. Anti-Delete For Everyone

In the original WhatsApp, when someone deletes a message they sent, it’s also deleted from your chat. APK introduces the Anti-Revoke feature, ensuring that deleted messages remain visible in your chat, giving you a complete message history.

3. Hide Last Seen

Allows you to hide your “last seen” status, granting you privacy while still being able to view others’ last seen statuses. This feature is ideal for those who want to maintain their online activity discreet.

4. Auto-reply of Messages

With this feature, you can set up an automated response message for when you’re offline. It’s a useful tool for informing your contacts that you’re not available or for providing essential information even when you can’t respond in real time.

5. Hide Writing Status

lets you disable the typing indicator, preventing others from knowing when you’re composing a message. This feature grants you more control over your messaging activity.

6. Chat Screen Customizer

Customize the appearance of your chat screen with various themes, colours, and layouts, allowing you to create a chat environment that suits your personal style.

7. Unlimited Stickers

Provides access to a vast collection of stickers. You can also add more stickers from the Google Play Store, adding a fun and expressive element to your messages.

8. Hide Recording Status

This feature allows you to disable the recording status indicator when sending voice messages. It keeps your activities more discreet and private.

9. Hide Online Status

Allows you to go incognito by disabling your online status. No one will know whether you’re currently active or not, enhancing your privacy.

10. Audio Share up to 100MB

Unlike the original WhatsApp, GBWA Pro lets you send audio files of up to 100 MB in size, removing the previous limitations on audio file size.

11. Video Share Up to 1GB

You can send high-quality videos, even large movies, with a size limit of up to 1024 MB, assuming the recipient also uses same GBWA APK.

12. Image Share Up to 100

Increases the image and video file limit to 100 items, allowing you to share a larger number of media files with multiple contacts simultaneously.

13. Message Scheduler

Schedule messages to be sent at specific times, ensuring that important information or greetings are delivered precisely when needed.

14. Stylish Tick

Customize the appearance of the message delivery and read receipt ticks with over 30 different stylish symbols.

15. Save Status

You can directly download and copy captions from others’ status updates, whether they are images or videos, eliminating the need for extra apps.

16. Change the Icon and Notification Icon

Customize the app’s icon and notification icon to your liking, allowing for a more personalized user experience.

17. Themes

Supports themes, enabling you to change the entire visual design and layout of the default WhatsApp interface.

18. Group Features

Introduces special features for group administrators, such as monitoring active members and message statistics.

19. DND Mode

Activate the “Do Not Disturb” mode to disconnect your WhatsApp from the internet, preventing distractions during sleep or other activities.

20. Enable Password

Enhance your privacy by locking specific chats, groups, or your entire APK account with a password or fingerprint lock. This provides an additional layer of security for your conversations and data.


Can I use GB WhatsApp Pro or WhatsApp Gold on iOS devices?

These modified versions are typically available for Android devices. There may be similar mods for iOS, but they come with the same concerns regarding security and terms of service violations.

What happens if I use GB WhatsApp Pro or WhatsApp Gold and my account gets banned?

WhatsApp may temporarily or permanently ban accounts using modified versions. If your account is banned, you may lose access to your chat history and contacts.

Do GB WhatsApp Pro and WhatsApp Gold receive regular updates?

These modded versions may not receive updates as frequently as the official WhatsApp. This means you might miss out on new features and security updates.


Both GBWhatsApp Pro and WhatsApp Gold offer a lot of additional features and customization options that can enhance your WhatsApp experience. However, it’s essential to consider the potential risks that come with using these modified versions. These risks include privacy and security concerns, as well as the possibility of your account being temporarily or permanently banned in accordance with WhatsApp’s terms of service.

Before using GBWA Pro, WA Gold, or any other modified WhatsApp application, users should carefully weigh the benefits of additional features against the potential consequences. It’s advisable to prioritize the security and privacy of your data and communications, which are best maintained through the official WhatsApp application

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